About Grub

Grub Street is a non-profit creative writing center dedicated to nurturing writers and connecting readers with the wealth of writing talent in the Boston area.

Grub Street was founded in 1997 by  Eve Bridburg, who envisioned an arts center that welcomed writers at all stages of their development and helped them achieve their writing goals, from personal enrichment to publication.

Grub Street accomplishes this through:
  • Teaching—Grub Street provides university-level instruction via seminars, conferences, and multi-week courses
  • Outreach—Grub Street brings the transformative power of creative writing to teens and seniors via innovative programs and community events; 
  • Support—Grub Street provides financial support and offers unique professional development opportunities to creative writing instructors, seminar leaders, and administrative staff. 
  • Community—Grub Street elevates the literary profile of the city of Boston to increase its relevance among major publishing houses and prominent authors in all genres
  • Space—Grub Street maintains a vibrant, inspiring and accessible Boston Common office where writers can find professional resources and connect with each other in a spirit of mutual support.

Grub Street believes that teaching and practicing the art of creative writing is not only important because it explores and documents the human condition, but because it creates meaning in our lives. We write and read for various reasons—to understand, to see through and beyond, to experiment, to imagine, to escape—but our main concern is that the work is the best it can be.At Grub Street, students make connections, meet other writers and, most importantly, get writing.

To read more about Grub Streets program and mission, visit the Grub Street home page.