Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy National Running Day!

Today I celebrated National Running Day by running 4 miles in 38 minutes and 32 seconds. That's not only a personal best--it comes on the heels of breaking the hour wall for six miles last night. Go me and all that jazz.

What I don't want to do is mar this beautiful moment by thinking ahead to the 14-mile run I gotta slog through on Friday.


Kidding aside, maybe today's the day you go from thinking about running to actually running. I know running's not for everyone, but it might be for you. Have you ever looked at a jogger and wished you could do that? Or looked at a calories-burned chart and turned green when you noticed that runners can go out for half the time you walk and burn twice the calories (or near abouts)? Or looked back on those golden days when you used to run with nostalgia and wondered what exactly the road back would look like

If you've got the itch, you know it. So why not celebrate National Running Day by starting?. Run for two minutes of your walk today or jog from the door to your car when it's time to go home tonight. Or just cruise over to the National Running Day website for some great beginner tips.

And now that you're online anyway why not celebrate National Running Day by cruising over to my sponsorship page and pledgeing right this very minute?

I'm shameless. I know.

Catherine Elcik is running her first marathon to raise money for a scholarship fund for Grub Street, Inc, and independent writing center in Boston, MA. Sponsor the run at

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