Monday, May 10, 2010

Grub Tale: Michael Schiavone

Michael Schiavone has been published in Glimmer Train, Narrative Magazine, Carve, and Crab Orchard Review, among others. His debut novel, Call Me When You Land, is forthcoming from Permanent Press in September 2011. For more information about Michael, please visit:

RUN FOR GRUB: How did you learn about Grub Street?
I learned about Grub Street while surfing the net in 1999, a much more limited Net than we have now. I was living in San Francisco and was about to move to Boston and was trying to locate a workshop of some sort. Having ignored all creative pursuits in San Francisco due to my time-consuming corporate job and proclivity for getting smashed, I sought to start off in Boston on the right foot. I signed up for a short story class with Tom McNeely and it changed my writing life. He was the perfect instructor for me at this time: unapologetically critical, honest, and insightful. Plus, I met people in there that I continue to work with today, ten years later. It's been a treat watching Grub's growth since its salad days. Living in Boston is worth it for Grub alone.

RUN FOR GRUB: So Grub helped you break the ignoring-your-writing habit?
OH, YES! Grub helped me break the ignoring habit. And it taught me the true meaning of revision.

RUN FOR GRUB: And what about the getting smashed habit?
MICHAEL SCHIAVONE: OH, NO! We partied after every Grub class! Work was brutal the next day. But I was young and thought you had to be drunk to be a writer.

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