Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Musical Hallucinations

Jogging up the ridiculously pitched road that leads up to the water tower in Winthrop today, my legs started to slow, and my mind started to wander. A few of the rhetorical questions that occurred to me as I inched up:
  • Can I actually call what I'm doing jogging if my arms are moving more definitively then my shuffling feet?
  • Did I really think challenging myself to tackle what passes as Winthrop's Everest was a smart move on a day I'm doing five miles in the baking sun?
  • Do you need to be eyeball deep in lactic acid before you can actually start to hear "I can't go on forever on this steep incline" where Elvis sings "we can't go on together with suspicious minds"?
  • How have I never noticed how much the lyrics to "Suspicious Minds" sound like a rock 'n roll argument against running uphill on purpose?
And as I crested the hill at a slug slow pace and "Suspicious Minds" gave way to a Boris McCutcheon song called "Standing So Still":
  • Is my iPod laughing at me?
  • No, seriously. Is it??
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