Friday, May 7, 2010

Tweeting and Running Are Not the Best Combo

You don't need to think too hard to come to the conclusion that tweeting while running isn't the smartest plan in the world, and yet that's exactly what I did today. I could have easily stepped out in front of a car, dropped into an unseen ditch, or smacked into a pedestrian (nearly did that), but instead it just slowed me down and never let my head really get into the run.

Would I do it again? On a special occasion, maybe. So enjoy this tweeted run (it might be the last), on this the last run of my first month of training:

THE TWEETED EIGHT (as tweeted by runforgrub--and yes, I did this life via my phone):
PRE-ROAD: Today is the last single-digit long run of my training for a while. I'm celebrating by tweeting while I run. I call it: The Tweeted Eight! PRE-ROAD: Disclaimers: 1) I'm testing out some Elvis today, so if it sounds like an all Elvis run, that's why.

PRE-ROAD: Yes I do realize that by tweeting WHILE running I may in fact be asking for road rash. But I like to live dangerously...

11:10: Technical difficulties averted. "Witchcraft" playing. Me jogging starting NOW!

11:14: "The >lack --ARADEk is awesomeness....but tweeting slowing me down...
Note: that should read "The Black Parade."

11:19: Hat too big or noggin too small? Can't decide. Running only for a bit.....

11:26: Resisting siren of Revere Beach at low tide. Knees need punishment of concrete sidewalk...11:30: "Cause baby I got something to say! k Loving June Rich but almost knocked into somebody to tell you that....
Note: 'k' should be closed quotation marks.
11:38: Forgot what a dirty little song "Shake, Rattle. & Roll" was.

Note: All caps not intentional after QUEEN!!

11:42: Water bottle on my back punching me like toddler behind me on a plane.l

11:43: Kelly's Roast Beef smells like sin.

11:49: Fat man holding an umbrella over his Yorkie as it frollicks on the sea wall. Awwwww.

11:52: Halfway point with TMBG!

12:02: Feel guilty fpr setting a goal of catching up to a woman with a walker.

12:03: Doesn't help that I have M Stipe singing"baby I am calling u on that."

12:14: 2 miles 2 go!

12:16: DidnLt know men could get bunions.
Note: Capital L should be an apostrophe.

12:17: DON'T STOP ME NOW!!!

12:19: Freddie is making a supersonic woman outta me.

12:21: Wake up! Smell the catfood in my bank account!

12:23: Leaving the beach is always the bummer part of a run.

12:26: Hey! Oh! Let's go!

12:32: Guitar riff in "Atomic" from Tainspotting Soundtrack makes me feel like danger mouse!

12:36: Doner!Eight miles in 85:19. Tweeting was fun but 11 h09 per mile= fail.
Note: Doner should read done and 11ho9 should read 11:09.

12:38: Cooling down and feeling jazzed but wishing I'd remembered sunscreen.
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